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I’ve been considering whether to allow my characters to add their blogs to these pages. Melisent Melchior, Queen of Poissenne and the Outer Isles, exiled to Earth by her nasty opponent Abner DeShayes (and her brother Vincent, as she learns later) could make notes for her memoir: “Nine Lives of a Psychic Detective”. Annie Novak, registered nurse and aide to the dead, would likely complain about the ghosts of her ex-husband and her long dead girl friend Mae, not to mention her very much alive sister Iris who is mixed up in the contraband marketing of stolen souls. “Curse of the Chrono-Mage” would be the title of Dante Mandragora’s blog. And we could read about Hermosa Perry’s angst over whether her mother is demented or truly seeing the ghost of a drowned girl. Others may want to explore their private beings, those whose stories are only partially told: Honoria Blackwell, tracker of the demi-mort (the half-dead) and teenager Tyler Springer and his magic wrestling moves. There are many more, whose names I can’t rightly recall, as they are brand new, like the concierge who solves crimes, or the teenage girl whose transplanted heart speaks to her.

If any one gets to reading any of these literary posts, I would like you to rate them as:

1. most likeable

2. biggest whiner

3. sexiest

4. scariest

5. one you would most want to meet at All City Coffee in Georgetown (Seattle, not that other place somewhere east of here) and get to know better.

 I will have to come to an agreement with each of them about who gets to go first, and I might have to hold an auction or lottery. Or accept bribes. So don’t expect a post soon.


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