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Even though no one ever reads this–and why should they, since I haven’t posted anything in exactly a year–I am putting in my deflated 2 cents for a plug for supporting Realms of Fantasy Magazine. Many of my friends and associates in the writing world have published short stories in this mag and others have bought and read every issue.

I, of course, suscribed only for one year, and purely as research for submission. I read some fabulous stories during that short time, and without fear sumitted several short stories, all–with the exception of one–roundly rejected with the dreaded blue letter. (you contributors know of what I speak). I received one yellow letter, which I referred to in every subsequent cover letter, getting no where fast.

Taking a break from submitting to them (for more than a year, during which time I sold to an antho and a magazine), I swallowed my pride and slipped into an envelope a short story that I thought would be quite appropriate and was about to mail it when I saw the news in one of my lists that RoF was being yanked from production.

It would be a shame for this fine periodical–people commented on garish covers, but I thought they were kinda cool–glossy and thick on good paper and paying pro-rates–to fall victim to changing times. I have to say I am of a generation curious about Kindle and e-readers and e-mags. I submit to them, but will they become part of my daily reading? I still want to hold wood pulp in my hands, I’m afraid. And beautiful artwork. However if RoF joins the Internet stream and goes ‘e’, I will still read it.

So, there you go. Will the half-person out there who might see this blog take a look at the magazine and take time to comment what a great market it is?


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