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I am so excited for my friend, the talented writer Nina Kiriki Hoffman, for winning a Nebula for her short story, “Trophy Wives.” Her works are lyrical and fantastic in the way of Kelly Link. Kudoes to her!!!The area of focus See all the other deserving winners here: http://www.locusmag.com/News/2009/04/nebula-awards-announced.html

I am still adding words to my new untitled urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel–no vampires or were-people; only a long dead Ohlone sorceress and the California Missions. The going is slow but steady–plot nearly formed, characters I like–romantic, sexy. Cool setting on the California Central coast.

However the need to pound out a new short story is buzzing around my head like a trapped hornet. However the muse is stubbornly sitting with his back to me pointing at my unfinished book. I may need to kick some inspiration butt around here.


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I just learned from Tom English that his antho “Bound for Evil” has been nominated for a Shirley Jackson award. My short story “The Alzheimer’s Book Club” appears in the book. (Interestingly, I pulled references from “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” into the story). Kudoes to Tom for excellent editing in putting this book together.

SHIRLEY JACKSONI cut some of my early writing teeth on Shirley Jackson’s novels and short stories. “The Haunting of Hill House” still creeps me out all these years later.

In other news, Jake Frievald did buy “The Call” for Flash Fiction Online. http://www.flashfictiononline.com/. Pub date unknown so far. I will keep you posted.

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My short story “A Quilt of Seas” is up at the ezine Khimairal Ink. Check it out.

(When I went there to gaze at myself in print, I saw a warning about the publisher “Bedazzled” ‘s website being hijacked. Not sure what that means, but I went there anyway and they have a cool ‘paging’ look to the magazine. Hope they get this all figured out.)

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Sheila Williams at “Asimov’s” sends me such nice rejections: “this story is beautifully done”, followed by “I’m afraid it isn’t right for Asimov’s”. And then she asks that I send her something new.life-writers-image

This story will eventually find a home somewhere. I’ve experienced stories that sell the first time out or that sell the 10th time out. I think my record of submitting for one of my short stories is 12 times, and from what I hear from other writers, that’s nothing.

This sort of rejection is pretty easy to take. The small postcard ‘dear author’ ones–usually from literary magazines–are a little harder. But even though I am stung at first, I file the rejection in my folder, package the story up and send it out again.

So, this one will go out today, along with another waiting for a marketĀ  to open. Even though I don’t participate any more, Dean Wesley Smith’s “The Race”, where Oregon Workshop Writers post points tallying how many stories, proposals, and full manuscripts are in the mail, has trained me to keep them out there in the market.

Next, I tackleĀ  sending out queries and proposals for my latest finished novel. More rejections anticipated, but maybe a request and a sale . . .

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