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The new novel is soon to be done–aided by the deadline of NaNoWriMo. But it wasn’t hard at all. Yeah, yeah, maybe I’m bragging, but it’s true. About five years ago I bought a little book called “No Plot? No Problem!”. (NaNoWriMo bible at the time). It transfigured my writing. I learned to write anywhere: on the bus, at work on my breaks, in airports, on airplanes, in hotel rooms. I made a habit of getting up very early, way before husband and dog, and set varying goals for myself. Write for an hour. Write until I had to take my shower. Write at least 500 words. Two wonderful friends let me stay for free on the occasional weekend in their little house in a nearby town. Last weekend, I got nearly 10,000 words down before a tendinitis flare stopped me.

Yes, the book is not finished, but I have no doubt it will be. Maybe not by November 30, but very soon after. I know the ending–it’s very clear in my head. Then the book will marinate and cure for several months while I go back to the previous novel to finish and polish for a February workshop.

The book did not turn out to be what I thought it was going to be. The book may never catch the eye of an editor or agent. But I have learned more about craft and character and language, and that is all to the good.


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So far, so good. Early days yet. Blah blah. I’m smokin’!

Yes, we all know how easy it is to start a new book-fresh, exciting, like painting a room or rearranging the furniture.

I’ll check back in with myself the end of next week and see if I feel the same confidence.

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