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Just like writing letters or responding to phone messages–I’m just not very good at these–I am not very good at updating my website, either. So, a brief note.

Just about to finish the paranormal romance novel “Naming the Bones”. Ending is written in my head, at any rate. But now I am in a bind, because I was planning this book for the February OWN novel workshop, BUT–in a two week period I got laid off, landed another job (maybe even better), found a pit bull, put my other pit bull through leg surgery, so–and what was my point? Oh yeah, not sure I can take off the time I planned for February workshop. KNOW I can’t take the week off for the March Marketing Workshop.

However, whatever workshops I make it to, I will have two new books to market. The NANOWRIMO novel “Ash”  is finished but needs a run-through. “Naming the Bones” is in better shape and I can have both them out to editors and agents by the end of February anyway.

In the midst of life rolls, life rolls on.


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