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I have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. This is doing bad things to my psyche. When I entered way back in January, I actually forgot I had entered until I found out I made it to the second round. Now, I can’t stop myself from checking the damn website every damn day to see if I have reviews. This must stop!!.
So, with this post I am doing two things. I resolve to check the ABNA website once a week on Saturdays. And I am going to shamelessly self-promote. (one guy formed a Facebook group called “help so-and-so-dickhead win the ABNA award”.) But those handful of peeps out there who stumble across my lowly website, please go http://www.amazon.com/b?node=332264011 and give me a review. The name of my Young Adult Fiction novel is Mirror of Hours.
Be good, be bad, but be honest.


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